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What's with these guys?

O.K my team is in dead last in my league here is my lineup tell me what is wrong with this lineup... anyone... please....

Starting Batters:
Molina, Bengie C SF    
Youkilis, Kevin 1B BOS      
Zobrist, Ben 2B TB  
Rodriguez, Alex 3B NYY  
Bartlett, Jason SS TB 
Bruce, Jay RF CIN 
Cruz, Nelson R. RF TEX 
Ethier, Andre RF LA  
Hill, Aaron U TOR  

Starting Pitchers:
Bedard, Erik SP SEA    
Blackburn, Nick SP MIN       
Millwood, Kevin SP TEX 
Rodriguez, Wandy SP HOU  
Shields, James SP TB  
Bell, Heath RP SD  
Franklin, Ryan RP STL 

 Reserve Batters:
Blake, Casey 3B LA  
Beltran, Carlos CF NYM  
Hudson, Orlando 2B LA  

 Reserve Pitchers:
Duke, Zach SP PIT
Wolf, Randy SP LA

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Posted on: July 6, 2009 8:43 pm

Top 5 teams that can beat the Pats (AFC only)

Top 5 teams that can beat the Pats (AFC only)

 Here's a list of the 5 teams that i think can really give the Pats a hard time in the playoffs.

1. Steelers - the only team i feel would prevent the pats from getting to the superbowl, very well balanced with a solid defense and offense that can score enough points to win it all.

2. Colts - can test the pats defense and force the pats into a shootout

3. Titans -this defense can hold the offense just long enough to pull off the upset

4. Jaguars - a strong running game can really test this linebacker corp and keep Brady and company on the sidelines for most of the game

5. Chargers - another well balanced team with a great running game that can control the clock and give this linebacker corp fits


Obviously this is subject to debate I look forward to getting feedback from everyone and maybe even a top 5 list of your own.
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